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LuxMods is dedicated to building easy-to-install world-class modular structures to expand your living space. LuxMods is working in collaboration ILOCX to offer innovative revenue based funding opportunities where buyers promote the companies. Learn more about the business and buy the ILO today

LuxMods: A New Leader in Personal Space

The COVID pandemic introduced a new work-life balance into the world. 

We increasingly spend our lives–leisure time, working hours, and relaxation–all within our homes. Even as many move toward a new-normal following the pandemic, employers like Microsoft and Facebook are making time at home permanent with indefinite remote work policies. The shift has left many with the need for additional space. LuxMods offers an innovative and convenient solution for this transformational shift through affordable, efficient, customizable modular living spaces for your backyard. 

Previous solutions such as “mother-in-law” units or guest houses are costly and time consuming with a need for special permitting. LuxMods is disrupting traditional building methods to meet the needs of this generational shift. We are focused on delivering personalized home offices, game rooms, and yoga studios as conveniently as possible. 

A New Era of Innovation

LuxMods has redesigned and re-imagined the concept of personal space–removing unavoidable costs and hurdles–to create a new market. LuxMods is exceeding development milestones for market demand by creating a pipeline with Fortune 500 employers. This is thanks to multiple competitive advantages enjoyed by LuxMods, most notably:

  1. Business Model Focused on Convenience. Our executive team has deep experience in modular living, sustainability, technology and real estate development. They designed the customer experience to remove the long timelines and permitting issues common with existing secondary living spaces.
  2. Exclusive Licensing Opportunities. Partnerships with leading collegiate and professional sports teams, gaming, musicians, and brands to deliver branded, customized living experiences to the end-user. 
  3. Electrical Self-Sufficiency. Off-grid capabilities including Tesla’s Powerwall and FreeVolt PV Graf make LuxMods easier to install and maintain.
  4. Location in high-end markets. LuxMods has strategic logistics partnerships in order to deliver quickly and cost-effectively to major metro markets across the United States where the majority of large employers offering flex work are clustered. 

Best-in-Breed Aggregation

LuxMods has assembled an impressive collection of complementary technologies, including licensed technologies, joint venture project developments, and channel partners to deliver a new type of experiential backyard living space. Our one-of-a-kind solution allows consumers to customize their own unique experience and have it delivered pre-assembled to their backyard.

  • LuxMods has engaged in a flurry of licensing sales in sports, gaming, film, and music to ensure massive market appeal. 
  • LuxMods has partnered with leading modular home providers in order to deliver sustainable clean energy from FreeVolt PV Graf panels and high quality organic materials at an affordable rate. 
  • LuxMods will be available to consumers on platforms such as Amazon and Ebay for convenient buying options.
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